Dennis Oland's family offered to post a reward for information leading to the arrest of his father's killer, but Saint John police turned down the offer, according to documents filed with the Court of Appeal of New Brunswick on Wednesday.

Oland, 47, was found guilty by a jury last month of second-degree murder in the 2011 bludgeoning death of prominent businessman Richard Oland.

He is appealing his conviction and seeking bail, pending the appeal.

Oland mentions the reward in a sworn affidavit filed in support of his request for interim release.

"I am advised by (lawyer) William Teed, and do verily believe, that on September 27, 2011, acting on behalf of my mother and sisters, he met with (then) Police Chief Bill Reid to offer a reward on behalf of my family for anyone providing information leading to the arrest of my father's killer," the affidavit states.

'Chief [Bill] Reid declined the offer …[saying] that it would be unethical for the Saint John Police [Force] to accept it from my family because they believed that I was the person responsible for the death of my father.' - Dennis Oland, sworn affidavit

No dollar amount is indicated.

"Reid declined the offer telling [Teed] that it would be unethical for the Saint John Police [Force] to accept it from my family because they believed that I was the person responsible for the death of my father," the affidavit states.

Reid, who retired in April 2015, could not immediately be reached for comment on Wednesday.

The body of Richard Oland, 69, was discovered lying face down in a pool of blood in his Saint John investment firm office on July 7, 2011.


Richard Oland, 69, was found dead in his Saint John office on July 7, 2011. (Canadian Yachting Association)

The multimillionaire had suffered 45 sharp and blunt force injuries to his head, neck and hands. No weapon was ever found.

Police deemed Dennis Oland, his only son, a suspect that same day, but he wasn't charged until Nov. 13, 2013 — more than two years later.

Family maintains real killer still at large

Oland's extended family has stood by him from the beginning.

His mother, Constance Oland, wife Lisa Andrik-Oland, and sisters Jacqueline Walsh and Lisa Bustin, issued a joined statement when he was charged, declaring his innocence.

"We wish that the police would turn their attention to finding out who is really responsible for Dick's [Richard Oland's] death," the statement said. "We know that Dennis is innocent."

When Oland was ordered on Dec. 12, 2014 to stand trial, the family issued a statement saying: "The question of who is really responsible for Dick's death haunts us."

"We despair at the time that has been lost and worry the perpetrator of this terrible crime may now never be found and brought to justice."

Within minutes of Oland's conviction on Dec. 19, 2015, his mother issued another statement saying she was "shocked and saddened."

"Our faith in Dennis's innocence has never wavered and the jury's decision has not changed that belief," she said.

His uncle, Derek Oland — the victim's brother and executive chairman of Moosehead Breweries — issued a similar statement after the jury's verdict.

"We continue to believe our nephew and cousin Dennis is innocent," it said.

"We want to reiterate that all Oland family members are certain Dennis had nothing to do with the death of his father."

Oland's bail request is scheduled to be heard on Feb. 12, the day after his sentencing hearing.

Second-degree murder carries an automatic life sentence, but parole eligibility can range between 10 and 25 years.

The jury unanimously recommended the minimum 10 years before Oland can become eligible for parole, but Court of Queen's Bench Justice John Walsh does not have to follow that recommendation.