Dennis Oland's legal team has filed an appeal of the decision by Justice J.C. Marc Richard not to free Oland on bail while awaiting an appeal of his conviction for second-degree murder in the killing of his father.

Oland's lawyers are asking that Richard's decision be reviewed by Chief Justice Ernest Drapeau of the New Brunswick Court of Appeal.

Gary Miller, Alan Gold and James McConnell, lawyers for Oland, have asked the review of the decision be heard immediately, or at the same time, as their motion to have the decision reviewed.

That is scheduled to be heard at 2 p.m. on March 7.

Richard ruled on Feb. 17 that Oland should not be granted. Richard said while Oland's appeal is not "frivolous," he is not considered a flight risk or a danger to the public, he felt releasing him would send the wrong message to the public.

"In my respectful view, that reasonable member of the public would find that, although the grounds of appeal may be clearly arguable, none fall in the category of the unique circumstances that would virtually assure a new trial or an acquittal," Richard's 14-page decision stated.

"In the end, I am forced to conclude that knowing all this, should Mr. Oland be released in these circumstances, the confidence of the reasonable member of the public in the administration of criminal justice would be undermined."

Oland, 48, was found guilty of second-degree murder in December in the death of this father, mulitmillionaire Saint John businessman Richard Oland, in 2011.

Oland was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 10 years.