Surplus homes

A decision on the future of 74 single and semi-detached houses in the Acadia Park area is being delayed by another four weeks. (Kate Letterick/CBC)

Residents of Moncton's west end are going to be waiting longer to find out what's going to happen to 74 single and semi-detached houses in the Acadia Park area.

The military declared the homes as surplus earlier this year. Almost all of the houses are sitting empty as Public Works and Government Services Canada tries to get rid of the properties.

All three levels of government had until Aug. 25 to file expressions of interest in the units.

Ron Bordage, a homeowner in the area, said he'd like to see the situation resolved.

"I'd like to know who's going to take possession of those properties because it’s going to affect my property who takes those houses over so yes I'm anxious about that,” he said.

The properties were deemed surplus because of the transfer of military personnel.

At a public meeting in May, a representative from the federal government said the federal, provincial and municipal governments had all expressed interest in the properties and they had until August to submit formal proposals.

A federal government spokesperson now says a four-week extension has been granted by Public Works and Government Services Canada.

In a written statement, the federal government says once the extension is up, the department will have to look at submissions and then decide on the appropriate next steps for the houses.