Fredericton singer David Myles launches new 'dancier' album

It has a sound that's a bit of a throwback, but Fredericton-born singer David Myles says his new album, 'Real Love,' is keeping him young.

'Real Love' has a sound that's been described as 'Motown meets Elvis'

The songwriter coupled his trademark love songs with Johnny Cash and Elvis for a dancier — but still romantic — sound.

It has a sound that's a bit of a throwback, but Fredericton-born singer David Myles says his new album is keeping him young.

Real Love, which will be released Friday, has been described as "Elvis in Motown." 

"It is really reminiscent of the 50s, early rock and roll country music," said Myles, who now lives in Halifax. "It is hard to put a finger exactly on what it sounds like but it takes you back and makes you want to dance."

The singer said he's always been an R&B guy but has been listening to a lot of country music while on tour driving through the United States.

During those long rides, Myles listens to Willie's Roadhouse, a satellite station filled with "great 60s and 70s country."

This inspired him to mix the R&B world with country music in this new album.

"There was something about the singing that I got into," he said.

"I loved that the singers really took their time with every word and they really sang, even if the tunes were really rocking and the beat was going."

In this album, Myles said he sings a lot lower than his usual range.

"This gave me a chance to get into the singing part."

Singer David Myles will be in New Brunswick this upcoming December.

'Totally terrified'

A year and a half ago, Myles' voice was injured because of always singing at a high range. It was wearing out.

"I was totally terrified, I thought I was going to lose my ability to sing."

But while recording this album, he realized he had been singing at an unnaturally high range.

"I really got to know my voice and where it sits most naturally. The low register is where I belong," he said.

Myles said his lyrics in this new album carry more imagery, just like country music lyrics.

'Keeping me young'

He described this new album as a "fun and party" record.

"I wanted to write a group of songs that I knew would be really fun to play every night with my band."

Playing rock and dance songs in his late 30s while most people do it in their 20s requires quite a lot of energy, said Myles.

"But it is keeping me young and it's keeping me fresh."

Myles will be on stage in Moncton Dec. 18, in Fredericton Dec. 19 and in Saint John Dec. 20.

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