A Riverview father who was angry over an unexpected cellphone bill his teenagers had racked up earlier this week has won his battle with the provider.


Dan McLaughlin will have cellphone bill wiped of his kids' premium texting fees.

Dan McLaughlin was shocked to discover his teenage son and daughter had spent about $1,000 in premium texting fees.

His 18-year-old son Scott had clicked on several Facebook advertisements, unknowingly registered his cellphone number and agreed to the charges. Approximately $400 was billed in a period of 45 minutes.

McLaughlin's daughter also had accumulated extra charges.

McLaughlin was in the midst of fighting to get the charges reversed by his cell phone provider Koodo when he received a call on Thursday from the company.


Scott McLaughlin unknowingly agreed to hundreds of dollars in texting fees. (CBC)

"The gentleman that we spoke to said that the entire bill would be wiped or at least all of the premium text charges would be wiped," said McLaughlin.

"His explanation was that a cap was supposed to automatically kick in after about $200 and he said apparently that failed, so they were refunding all the premium text charges."

McLaughlin said Koodo will also monitor his bill in the future and flag his account if they see similar charges.

"We are pleased with that as well," he said.

Meanwhile, McLaughlin said he told his kids to never post their cellphone numbers on the internet in the future.