Cyrille Simard has defeated Jacques Martin in Edmundston, according to Elections New Brunswick.

Simard won with 5,267 votes to 3,407 votes for Jacques Martin, who is the incumbent mayor.

The mayor’s race took an interesting turn during the campaign when Simard faced questions over his residency.

Mayoral candidates must have a minimum of six months of residency to be eligible to run. But Simard faced a complaint that he had only lived in the city for two months.

Elections New Brunswick eventually cleared Simard to run in the campaign.

The mayor’s race was not the only election to draw interest in the northwestern city.

There were 23 candidates challenging for nine positions on council.

Andre Lang and Guy Voyer won in Ward 1.

Denis Pelletier and Camille Roy won in Ward 2.

In Ward 3, Martin Albert and Gerald Morneault were re-elected.

And in Ward 4, Jean-Guy Marquis was re-elected and Charles Fournier was elected.