Customers pre-paying for shares of lobster catches in N.B.

A new organization called Fisher to Platter allows consumers to buy pre-paid shares of a fisherman's catch of lobster at a price both parties agree on.

Fisher to Platter tackles low lobster prices, desire for local food

A new organization is tackling low lobster prices and the public's desire for local food.

Fisher to Platter allows consumers in southeastern New Brunswick to buy pre-paid shares of a fisher's catch of lobster at a price both parties agree on.

It's much like the weekly vegetable baskets programs some growers operate, but is the first of its kind in New Brunswick involving fisheries.

Sara Evans, who owns a small restaurant in Sackville, picks up 25 pounds of lobster every Friday afternoon.

"There's a lot fished up on the Northumberland Shore and there's a lot of fish markets up there, but nobody's providing that fish here," she said. "The Save Easy seems to be the only option, but you have no idea where that's coming from."

Evans says she may pay a little more for the From Fisher to Platter lobster, but the convenience of regular delivery makes up for extra costs.

Hopes to expand

Stephan Leblanc, who is behind the project, says it's good for the fishermen too.

"The economic benefits are clear, they are getting five bucks a pound through Fisher to Platter, compared to two fifty and three that they are getting currently from fish processing plants," said Leblanc, a biologist who grew up in a fishing family.

He has two fishermen supplying about 30 customers in Sackville, Cocagne and Dieppe this season, but would like to see the project spread province-wide, and expand to include mackerel, herring, shellfish and eel.