Several hundred excited curling fans from all over the world filed into Saint John’s Harbour Station Saturday for the Ford World Women's Curling Championships.

The opening ceremony kicked off at 2:30 p.m.

Twelve teams from as far away as South Korea entered Harbour Station as bagpipers droned loudly in the background.


Canada faced off against Russia on the first day tournament. (Matthew Bingley/CBC)

The biggest cheers came when Team Canada entered.

Canada faced off against Russia on the first day of the tournament.

Many fans were wearing their team colours on their sleeve -- and everywhere else.

Hans Madsen, from Yorkton, Sask., with his long white beard dyed red with a maple leaf in the centre was one of the more impressively dressed fans.

He said the dye job took about an hour. Madsen came prepared for the nine-day tournament, he said he brought 60 costumes for the tournament.

Organizers are banking on that kind of passion from fans, hoping visitors will fuel the local economy.

In the hour and a half between the opening ceremonies and the first draw, all of the restaurants around Harbour Station were packed with curling fans.