The Crown Attorney's office has dropped charges against Charles LeBlanc, a Fredericton blogger. LeBlanc was arrested in April after attending a protest on the legislature lawn, where he has been banned since 2005. ((CBC))

Assault and mischief charges against controversial blogger Charles LeBlanc have been dropped.

He has posted an email to his blog in which the Fredericton police say the Crown had decided not to proceed with the criminal charges of assault or mischief laid after he was arrested in April on the grounds of the New Brunswick legislature.

LeBlanc has been banned from the legislative assembly's grounds since 2006, but that has not stopped the blogger, who often writes about social issues and provincial politics, from attending protests.

Fredericton police arrested LeBlanc and removed him from the grounds after he attended a protest on the legislature's front lawn in April.

He went to court on June 15 but found the charges of assault and mischief had not been filed.

This wasn't LeBlanc's first brush with police. He was charged with obstruction of justice during a rowdy protest at a Saint John conference in June 2006. He was eventually acquitted of that charge.