The price of furnace oil in New Brunswick is already higher than this time last year and is expected to continue to increase. (CBC)

With the cost of both oil and electricity expected to rise this winter, many New Brunswickers are taking a closer look at their home heating costs.

The price of furnace oil is already higher than this time last year and power rates are scheduled to climb two per cent on Oct. 1, and another two per cent next year.

Efficiency advisers say it's wise to get a home evaluation before making any big changes to home heating systems.

"We've all got heating systems, but if our homes are more efficient, we'll be putting less whatever kind of fuel it is through that heating system," said Joe Waugh, with Efficiency New Brunswick.

The agency offers about a dozen incentives, ranging from upgrading wood stoves to heat pumps, said Waugh.

The biggest goal is to reduce the load on the province's power grid, he said.

"There's very peak times when older plants, more expensive plants to run, have to come on line so that we all have that electricity at our fingertips," said Waugh.

"Reducing that peak, shifting it, smoothing it out, is an important goal being done in all the jurisdictions."