The Confederation Bridge was shut down to all traffic for around two hours Saturday night for a truck leaking natural gas.

Sackville RCMP Cpl. Elise Côté said a tanker truck carrying natural gas arrived at the scales in the parking lot on the New Brunswick side of the bridge.

"The hazardous scale is set up to ensure the safety of transports on the bridge, it’s basically normal protocol," she said.

A leak was detected, closing the road for nearly two hours in order to contain it.

There was a one-kilometre safety perimeter established around the truck.

Once the leak was contained, Côté said the bridge was reopened around 11:30 p.m. Saturday.

"There was a leak that was detected so the truck was stopped there and the highway was closed for a period of about two hours, just to ensure everyone’s safety and to ensure the leak was contained and repaired," she said.

The truck was coming from the U.S., heading to Prince Edward Island.