Some people believe adding bike lanes to Shediac Road, and Salisbury Road, which would reduce traffic lanes, is a bad idea. ((Google Streetview))

The debate over adding bicycle lanes to two busy streets in Moncton continues.

Shediac Road and Salisbury Road will go from four lanes of traffic to three — one lane in either direction with a turning lane in the middle, and bicycle lanes on the outside.

Some say it's a terrible decision that will slow traffic.

"They don't want bike lanes on Shediac Road — what part of 'No' don't you understand?"  said Brian Cormier, who lives in a neighbourhood off Shediac Road.

He said a petition with 3,000 signatures sent that message five years ago when the idea of adding bike lanes first came up.

"People who moved to the Shediac Road area didn't move there to use their bikes, they moved there to use their cars. This is a family area with a lot of young families who are going back and forth to get groceries; they are driving their kids to hockey practice at the Kay Arena," said Cormier.

Cormier insisted there is no demand for bike lanes along Shediac Road, saying his neighbours are 10 to one against the idea.

"They think it's a silly idea, these are people who do not own bikes, will not own bikes, they have children."

On Friday, cyclists were to hold a parade on Shediac Road to show their support for the plan.

It's being organized by Post Carbon Moncton — which Cormier calls a powerful lobby group that's unaccountable to anyone.