The New Brunswick Community College is cutting three of its programs for the next academic year, which will affect students in Woodstock, Miramichi and Moncton.

The college announced on Tuesday the journalism program in Woodstock, graphic design in Miramichi and geographic information services in Moncton will all be eliminated.

Bill Best, the vice-president of academic and student development, said educators are constantly looking at programs to see if they're still viable.

"We look at things like enrollments, graduation rates, employment rates we look at industry consultations that are done, labour market analysis, change in demographics — those sort of things," he said.

Best said the cuts were made based on research and industry demand.

The college's vice-president said even though the three programs are being cut, students in the middle of their studies will be able to finish their education.

"Those students we're committed that we'll complete the second year for everybody next year — faculty in place, resources in place and make sure they have a quality experience," he said.

Best said the college is working with displaced staff.

"We work with each staff member looking not only at our requirements for the programs that are finishing up but also looking at their skill sets and working through it as you would with any organization from a human resources perspective," he said.

He said demand for community college has never been higher so it's important to make sure NBCC is offering programs that are in demand.

NBCC offers more than 90 programs at its six locations in the province.