The New Brunswick government has appointed a commissioner to review the province's French-language school system.

Education Minister Kelly Lamrock announced on Friday that Gino LeBlanc, an associate researcher at the Canadian Institute for Research on Public Policy and Public Administration at University of Moncton, will head the review.

The commission will examine ways to improve academic performance and look at ways to ensure students have the opportunity to learn French in communities where francophones are the minority.

The public consultation for the review will begin in the fall and a final report is expected to be submitted in early 2009.

 "I enthusiastically accept the challenge of establishing as broad a dialogue as possible with the Acadian and francophone community of New Brunswick," LeBlanc said in a release.

"My mission, and that of all those who want to contribute to it, is to find solutions to make sure that all children who go to school day after day can leave with the keys to success on an academic, cultural, and social level."