Cold Rogersville school could shut down

Without a functioning heating system a Rogersville, N.B. elementary school is becoming so unbearable the school district is considering closing it down and relocating students in the interim.

Parents upset about lack of communication

Parents say the furnace is not working and the pipes are leaking at this school. (CBC)

Without a functioning heating system, a Rogersville, N.B. elementary school could become so cold the school district is considering closing it down and relocating students in the interim.

The Francophone South School District said the motor in the school's ventilation system broke, but they've brought in space heaters to warm up L'école W.F. Boisvert.

The heating system has been out of commission for a week, so Tara McGraw said she’s sending her three sons to school with extra sweaters.

"I think it's absolutely ridiculous that they have no heat," she said. "Some kids are cold and they wear gloves in the computer rooms. They had space heaters in the Grade 4, 5 6 classes and the library but none in the computer room or music room."

Some parents said the heating shut down Oct. 19, but they only learned about it last week.

"We didn't get any indication from the school, besides that there was a problem. I don't know if all the parents know there is a problem here. Probably with the articles appearing in the media," said Janice Pitre, mother of two students.

Space heaters are being used in the meantime. Parents said they heard the heat could be off for another six weeks or more.

But the Francophone South School District says that's not the case.

"We think that in the next two weeks we'll be able to fix that situation," said Luc Lajoie, director of administration and finances for the district.

The district said they're looking into replacing the ventilation system's motor and installing industrial heaters.

Without direct contact from the school or the district, parents say they're not sure what to believe. They say this heating problem is just one of many problems.

"The water's bad, the pipes are bad, the roof leaks, there's buckets all over the hallways, and now there’s no heat," said McGraw,

With frustration mounting the district says it will step in.

"We will go meet the area, the community to talk with them. There is a possibility here, we're looking at maybe closing the school and bringing the students to another school," said Lajoie.

Until that happens parents said they may take matters into their own hands.

"If it comes to a point where our children are really too cold to come to school, we'll have to keep them home," said Pitre.