The Codiac Transpo changes slated to take effect on Sunday include hours being extended on some routes and cut back on others. (CBC)

Codiac Transpo is rolling out some route changes this weekend, but some passengers who rely on the greater Moncton area bus service are already saying the changes don't go far enough to meet their needs.

Natalie Boudreau, who takes the bus every day to get to work and appointments, says Codiac Transpo served her better before the labour dispute last year.

"It was long bus routes because I come all the way from Dieppe, but at least I knew I was staying on one bus," she said.

"I didn't have to wait in the cold that long, I just had to transfer between two, instead of three or four buses."

"Now you have to switch and transfer and sometimes the transfers, I've waited like half an hour," said Boudreau.

"It seems to be more inconvenient than convenient."

Codiac Transpo revamped its service in December, following the end of a five-month-long lockout, in hopes of boosting ridership.

Some of those changes included more buses being on 30-minute loops, reduced travel times, shorter waits at transfer points and the ability to expand or contract routes based on rider demand trends.

More adjustments this fall

The latest changes, set to take effect on Sunday, are in response to more than 250 suggestions from passengers, said company spokeswoman Marie-Claude Pierce.

"It's just a basic adjustment that we're doing, that we heard people saying you know, 'This is working well, but it would be better if we had this' and extended routes et cetera," Pierce said.

Among the changes: the hours are being extended on some routes and cut back on others, St. George Street is getting a new route and the northwest centre will have a new stop.

Codiac Transpo is always looking to improve the system and customers can expect more adjustments in September, said Pierce.

Codiac Transpo operates in Moncton, Riverview and Dieppe.