Riverview residents who got a sneak peek at Codiac Transpo's new bus schedule say they don't see many improvements to their service.

With the five-month-long lockout now behind it, Codiac Transpo rolled out a series of new changes to its routes and service last week.

People taking a bus from Riverview to Dieppe will still have to take two different buses to get there.

Transit officials said eliminating the transfers would require putting more buses on the roads, which is not in their budget.

Denise Babineau, who lives in Riverview and works in Dieppe, said there should be a direct route.

"When they were telling us that we've got new routes, new and improved routes, that was my expectation, that is was going to be a direct route. There is no reason why we would have to transfer to get to Dieppe. That's really, really crazy," she said.

In 2009, a public transit study called the Dillon Report recommended Codiac Transpo eliminate transfers between Riverview, Moncton and Dieppe to improve ridership.

But Codiac Transpo's spokeswoman Angela Allain said that's just not feasible.

She said the three regions own and operate their buses independently and combining those routes into one would be far too expensive.

"In order to have any kind of frequency of service, which is another one of the pillars in the Dillon Report for us to achieve, we would have to have multiple buses on that on line," said Allain.

"So this redesign isn't about increasing our budget. This is about using the funds we had and trying to place routes in a different manner that we can attract new ridership."

Codiac Transpo said the Riverview to Dieppe ride will be shorter overall by eliminating a 40-minute layover at Highfield Square.

The new service will see more buses being on 30-minute loops, reduced travel times, shorter waits at transfer points and the ability to expand or contract routes based on rider demand trends.