Deputy Mayor Cecile Cassista said improving Codiac Transpo service in Riverview is important, especially for people with disabilities. (CBC)

Codiac Transpo is going to undertake a study to figure out how to improve service for Riverview residents.

The transit company will take public feedback that it has already received and try and come up with changes that work within the town's budget.

When Codiac Transpo asked Riverview residents how it could improve bus service in the town, Marie-Claire Pierce, a senior transit planner, said five main suggestions emerged.

"One was to increase the frequency, they wanted seven-day service they also wanted increased evening service, direct east-to-west service and they wanted expanded routes," she said.

Pierce said the challenge is to find out what changes can be made affordably.

"We'll present the council with a number of options saying, 'Here's option one, this is what it would cost you to deliver this type of service. Here's what it would cost you to deliver this medium to high end, etc.,'" she said.

"So it will be up to the council to decide on where best it fits for them."

Pierce said ridership numbers in Riverview are good but there's room for improvement.

The town has been reviewing its transit services recently and has already made some contentious decisions.

Earlier this week, Riverview council has voted to no longer allow people who use walkers to use disability transit in a bid to save money.

The service will now be available to only those who use a wheelchair or a scooter. The recommendation came from the town's advisory committee on disabilities.

When it comes to improving Codiac Transpo’s service to the town, Riverview Deputy Mayor Cecile Cassista said it is even more important now that people with walkers will no longer be eligible for disability transit.

"We need to make it as fair as possible so that our seniors and people with disabilities that basically don't qualify now for the Wheels on Wheels and the Wheelchair Guy," she said.

"We're going to really have to work hard to make sure that we accommodate these people."

Codiac Transpo operates in Moncton, Riverview and Dieppe.

Moncton locked out Codiac Transpo workers for five months last year in a bitter contract dispute.