New changes to the bus service in Moncton are putting seniors who live on their own at risk, says the New Brunswick Seniors Federation.

Codiac Transpo cut back the number of bus stops on major routes in an effort to reduce travel time once the buses begin running again.

People living in seniors complexes, like Peoples Park Tower, will get front door service every 30 minutes once the buses are back on the roads, but seniors still living on their own may have to walk half a kilometre to catch a ride.

"The standard that we followed is 500 metres walking distance to bus stops to a bus route. So that's approximately a five minute walk to a stop, but it could be a bit longer than that if you have mobility issues," said Angela Allain, the acting general manager with Codiac Transpo.

That isn’t sitting well with Hermance LeBlanc from the New Brunswick Seniors Federation.

"I mean if they can't walk that far they may stay at home and maybe [they] should be going to a doctor's appointment or go to a blood test somewhere and they won't be able to go on the bus. There [have] been disadvantages during the strike and I think we are hitting seniors again," said LeBlanc.

She said she’s worried seniors with limited mobility will struggle to reach their stops and may even slip and fall during the winter months.

"Sidewalks are slippery most of the time and I don't think that they would be able to walk that far to catch a bus," said LeBlanc.

She said the new routes makes it particularly difficult for low-income seniors to get around because some simply can't afford to take a cab instead of the bus.