St. Bernard's Roman Catholic Church

St. Bernard's Roman Catholic Church is keeping the heat up, despite the costs, says one parishioner. (Courtesy of St. Bernard's Roman Catholic Church)

Some New Brunswick churches, faced with heating costs that are far from heavenly, have started making their monthly heating bills available to parishioners.

Dieppe's Ste. Thérèse-de-L'Enfant-Jésus Church paid almost $9,000 last month to keep people in the pews warm.

It's also been an expensive winter for the Main Street Baptist Church in Sackville, said senior pastor Andrew Swanson.

It cost $4,000 to heat the more than 100-year-old church last month and the electricity bill also jumped $600, he said.

"Some of the time it's been difficult to get it to the point where it's warm enough for people," said Swanson.

"The last few weeks, we have put in our bulletin what our expenditures are and how much has come in."

Swanson says his congregation has been generous, which helps to cover the heating costs.

The church has also been helping individuals who are having trouble paying their heating bills at home, he said.

St. Bernard's Roman Catholic Church in Moncton is keeping the heat up this winter, despite the costs, said parishioner Suzanne McCabe.

"It's beautiful in church. I love to go to church and get warm," she said. "That's not the only reason I go though, but it's a plus."

McCabe says she plans to add a little more to the collection plate to help cover heating costs.

In the meantime, many are just praying for winter to end.