Workers in the tiny community of Stickney will make more than 35,000 Christmas wreaths this holiday season as part of an industry that is now worth more than $25 million annually in New Brunswick.

Martha Bell

Martha Bell says her company based in Stickney can sell as many Christmas wreaths as her thirty employees can make.

Martha Bell, owner of Bell Woodlots, has hired 30 workers for three shifts to make the wreaths and other decorations for the season.

"We started on the 24th of October and we like to say we never lock the door," Bell said. "So once we open on the 24th, we'll have day shift and night shift – we work seven days a week and we'll do that until about the seventh of December."

The employees are paid by piece work. They receive $1.60 for a small wreath and up to $14 for a large one.

Trudy Vail has been working at the factory for 21 years.

"There are those of us who would probably take home about a thousand a week," Vail said.

Katherine Beattie has been making wreaths for 19 years.

"As hard as you want to work, you'll get paid," she said. "So if you work hard, you get paid more money."

Bell says she can sell as many wreaths as her workers make.

Tough year for N.B. tree growers

Christmas tree growers aren't faring as well as wreath makers this year.

Chris Dickey says they are in for another year of tough competition.

Christmas trees

Christmas tree growers in New Brunswick are having a difficult season with an over supply of trees in Canada and the United States. (CBC)

"There's been a fairly persistent oversupply coming out of the United States from North Carolina as well as the Northwest, states like Oregon and Washington," Dickey said.

He says it's a matter of supply and demand and timing.

"There was an under supply of trees eight to ten years ago and in response to that, a lot of guys started planting so now we're seeing this major explosion in terms of availability."

The province's wreath industry is now worth two and a half times more than the Christmas tree industry.