NB-Cape Cod chips

A Chance Harbour woman found this bag of potato chips among a field of seaweed and debris that washed up at the end of July. (Submitted by Nathalie Tapley)

A woman who lives on the Fundy coast says she has received another consolation prize after a mess of debris washed up near her home this summer.

Nathalie Tapley received a big box this week from the Cape Cod Potato Chips company.

It was the company's way of thanking her for telling them about an unsual beachcombing find.

"I looked down and there it was laying there on a bed of seaweed this little bag of potato chips - the small kind that you would get at Halloween as a child," she said.

The bag had a little map on it that showed it was made at a factory in Hyannis, Mass.

Tapley said she imagined the chips bobbing along with the tide and all the other garbage up the Eastern Seaboard all the way to her back yard.

"If you'd seen it, you'd say, 'How did that bag not get punctured or ruptured? There wasn't just plastic. There were tree trunks, branches, pieces of wood - we even had dead seals wash in - helium balloons - those things should be outlawed," she said.

"We found a little sandy spot and we sat right there in the sand, kind of looking over the mess that we had in front of us and crunching down the potato chips. We ate the whole bag," she said.

Tapley thought the company might be interested in her story and she was right.

After a few back-and-forth emails with Farrell Souza in the customer service department, a present arrived at her home on Wednesday.

A cardboard box wrapped in yellow Canada Customs tape, had been squashed like an accordion, but contained six large, intact bags of Cape Cod potato chips.

A little note was tucked inside. It read:

"Dear Nathalie, We all liked the story you sent us. Thank you. Just sending you some chips as a thank you. I hope you enjoy them. Please let us know if you have any other stories."

Tapley said she thought it was a very nice thing for them to do and she soon forgot she'd been having a bad day.

"Other people say, 'So what, lady? Get over it! You got some free chips.' It's more than that to me. For me it was a distraction from my day, and a very pleasant one," she said.

Tapley said she would share the chips with some of the other people who helped clean up the beach.

The chips were the second good thing that Tapley said she found on the beach. 

Earlier this month she tracked down a little girl from Nova Scotia who had written a message in a bottle.