A  62-year-old Sussex woman facing child pornography charges will not be released from custody while she awaits trial, a judge ruled Friday.

Jennifer Nagle was denied bail in relation to charges of making and distributing a video of a sexual nature involving a minor. 

Crown prosecutor Shara Munn had protested her release, and Justice Henrik Tonning took extra time to consider the case before delivering his decision.

Jennifer Nagle

The 62-year-old Nagle is accused of making and distributing a pornographic video involving a minor. (Source: Facebook)

Tonning imposed a publication ban on any evidence that might identify the complainant. An automatic publication ban also prohibits reporting any evidence or submissions from the bail hearing. 

Nagle will remain in custody until the court hears the case. She will return to court Oct. 20 to choose how she wants to be tried.

Another Sussex resident, Raymond Adair, is also facing charges related to child pornography and elected to be tried in provincial court beginning Feb. 7.