Transportation Minister Claude Williams says the government has been planning all along to log all charter flights by politicians and release them to the public.

The lack of public access is temporary, he told the Legislature on Tuesday.

New Brunswick government plane

Politicians will be using charter flights now that the government sold its 2006 King Air B-200 aircraft for $2.5 million US. (CBC)

Whichever charter company wins the bid to be put on retainer will have to record details of all flights, said Williams.

"It is clear they've got to provide a report on the usage, who will be using it, the department or the individual that was on the flight" he said.

"So that is part of the [request for proposals] that came out back in January."

Williams's comments come after calls by the Liberals for greater transparency.

The Liberals had argued it will be more difficult to keep track of spending and usage now that the government-owned plane has been sold.

The government plane had a centralized log, making it easy to find out where politicians were flying on government business and how much it was costing.

Two weeks ago, Williams had said each each department would be responsible for chartering their own flights and there was no centralized log.

On Tuesday, Williams said the reports from the charter company will be sent to his department and made public.

The government sold its 2006 King Air B-200 aircraft to Can-West Corporate Air Charters Ltd. for $2.5 million US.

It will now be used for the air ambulance service in Alberta.

The plane had been costing taxpayers about $890,000 a year to operate, including flight crew salaries, insurance, fuel and maintenance, government officials have said.