A New Brunswick cattle farmer is no longer facing charges of failing to care for his animals.

Werner Boch cattle

Werner Bock had testified lasers and heat rays killed his cattle. (CBC)

​Werner Bock, 70, of Petitcodiac, had been charged with two counts of failing to provide proper food and water to his cattle during the spring of 2011.

But the Crown withdrew the charges under New Brunswick's SPCA Act in Moncton provincial court on Thursday, saying Bock has sold his cows and the herd no longer needs protection.

Bock had claimed the case against him was a conspiracy by the government, veterinarians, the RCMP and CBC.

He testified that lasers and heat rays had killed his cows.

In December, Bock had been found unfit to stand trial. A psychiatric assessment showed he was suffering from a delusional disorder.

Judge Troy Sweet had adjourned the case until June 19 and released Bock on the conditions that he keep the peace and report to Moncton Mental Health for assessment and treatment.

Crown witnesses had testified about a pile of carcasses under hay bales, a dead cow in a brook and others buried in the woods.