A Moncton woman is upset Christian symbols are no longer displayed prominently in the Moncton Hospital chapel.

The Horizon Health Network recently updated its hospital chapels in an effort to make people of all faiths more comfortable.

Moncton hospital chapel

Gwen Grondin says the changes at the Moncton Hospital chapel are designed to make it more comfortable for people of all faiths.

In the Moncton Hospital chapel, there is no longer a Bible at the front of the room. A picture of Jesus no longer hangs on the wall.

"It was an empty feeling, like I was walking into any room," said Amanda Melanson.

Melanson says she appreciates that it's a multi-faith chapel and says she respects everyone's right to pray their own way.

But in a room that supports all faiths, she doesn't understand why the Christian symbols were moved.

"If it's not broken, you don't need to fix anything."

'It was an empty feeling, like I was walking into any room.' - Amanda Melanson, on changes to the Moncton Hospital chapel

Melanson has been going to the hospital's chapel in good times and in bad for years. But she says she doesn't know whether she'll continue to use it when she visits the hospital, given the changes.

"Because when I go, if it's still in the same condition, I can go in any room and do this. I could be in the bathroom!" she said.

"I don't need to go in that room if those things are not there."

Gwen Grondin, the director of therapeutic services for the hospital, says Christian symbols haven't been removed, but moved to a less visible area of the chapel.

Grondin says that way people can choose which items they'd personally like to use as part of their prayer.

"People would like the chapel to look like their church, but it's not intended to look like anyone's church or their synagogue, mosque," said Grondin. "It is just a sacred room for you to have to pray."