A century-old St. Andrews mansion known as Hillcrest, located near the Algonquin Hotel, is now up for sale.

Lola Boyles and her husband bought Hillcrest in 1999 and spent more than $1 million fixing it up.

They kept many of its original features and for years have been running it as a corporate retreat.

Now the mansion, which has 25 rooms and sits on 2.4 hectares of land, is up for sale for $1,345,000.

“We would really like to see someone buy it who would love it like we did,” Boyles said.

Lola Boyles

Lola Boyles and her husband bought the Hillcrest 15 years ago and spent more than $1 million making changes to the St. Andrews mansion. (CBC)

“Take care of it and enjoy it because it's time for a young couple to come along and, you know, make it sing again as we did.”

David Sullivan has written about many of the seaside town's famous homes. He said Hillcrest is one of several built by the Maxwell brothers.

The Maxwell homes can be spotted all over St. Andrews, including one owned by Sir William Van Horne on Ministers Island.

"That was a period in the town's history where there was a very distinct second community of summer people here. These were to a large extent, people who were connected to the CPR in Montreal," he said.

The home was built in 1905 by Charles Rudolph Hosworth.