Organizers of the Carshare pilot in Sackville hope to get 50 active members signed up. (CBC)

A car-share pilot project is underway in Sackville, making it the first program of its kind in New Brunswick.

People who sign up pay $35 for an annual membership and $10 per hour when they use a car.

"The idea with this whole service is to educate people about the value of car-sharing and that maybe people realizing that you don't need to actually purchase a vehicle — that they can cut the cost of ownership by sharing a vehicle," said Joni Fleck-Andrews, who helped set up the six-week pilot.

There are limited transportation options in the town and getting around isn't always easy, she said.

With Carshare, a partnership between the Transportation for Tantramar Network and Enterprise Carshare, members can book a vehicle only when they need one.

"If you just want to do things in town that just might require something a little more convenient than a taxi service, this could be a really, really great opportunity," said Fleck-Andrews.

The pilot, which was launched over the weekend, has one car so far, which can be booked online, she said.

"If you or somebody else were to look up the online schedule, they would know that it's booked from one until three, so that it wouldn't be available to them for that time, but they could maybe book it for five until seven for example."

No members have signed up yet, said Fleck-Andrews. The goal is to have 50 active members.

The six-month pilot project is funded by Renaissance Sackville.

A similar car-share project is still in the works for the greater Moncton area.

Organizers were initially hoping to have Codiac Autoshare up and running by last fall.

At least 350 people had expressed interest on Facebook in the program, a joint partnership between Post Carbon Moncton, EOS Energy and Codiac Transpo, organizers had said.