Canadian Blood Services seeks 4,000 donors

Canadian Blood Services is hoping to attract 4,000 donors in New Brunswick this summer to meet its internal targets.

Agency aims to attract more donors by Aug. 6 to meet goals

Canadian Blood Services needs roughly 4,000 donors by Aug. 6 to meet its internal quotas. (CBC)

The Canadian Blood Services is trying to convince about 4,000 people in New Brunswick to donate blood by Aug. 6 to meet its provincial targets.

Lynn Dupuis, the community development co-ordinator with Canadian Blood Services in Moncton, said the agency is extending promotions to encourage more people to donate this summer because the province’s blood reserves are below its target level.

"Right now, in New Brunswick, when we look at the numbers for the next few weeks, we see that we're at least 300 units behind what the hospital requires," Dupuis said.

The blood agency says it relies on more donors during the summer months.

Dupuis said there are more car crashes during the summer so that puts more stress on the system.

Canadian Blood Services estimates a single car accident victim may require up to 50 units of blood and blood products.

She said the time of year combined with the shortage of blood is making for a trying time for the blood agency.

"It makes us very anxious because we know how important it is that the hospitals receive the quotas that they're asking. So for us, it is very nerve-racking," Dupuis said.

Canadian Blood Services is extending its strawberry shortcake promotion another week in the hopes of trying to get more people to roll up their sleeves and donate blood.

But Dupuis said even when people book to donate, as many as 60 per cent of those people cancel their appointments.

Lew Cummings is a regular donor who came out to a Moncton clinic last week to donate blood.

Cummings said he understands the need, especially in the summer.

"I think that's probably the most important time to give, in the summer time, because there seems to be more need for it at that particular point in time. So it's good to give," he said.