The town of Nackawic has applied for a permit to cull some of the hundreds of Canada Geese who flock to the town park. ((Robert F. Bukaty/Associated Press))

The Town of Nackawic is facing a fowl problem as hundreds of Canada Geese flock to the town park every evening.

The birds make a huge mess.

The town has now applied for a permit to kill some of the geese, hoping the rest will go away.

The park surrounding the world's largest axe is a perfect overnight destination for Canada Geese — freshly-mown grass to eat, a sandy beach to bed down on for the night, easy access to and from the water.

But the 200 to 300 geese that visit the park every evening are making it a less than perfect place for humans.

The geese are leaving the walking trails, the grass, and the sports fields peppered with goose droppings.

The town has tried non-lethal methods to discourage the geese, but they keep coming back.

This year, they're going to try putting up snow fencing along the water's edge.

But they've also applied for a permit to cull 20 to 30 birds from the flock.

They got such a permit last year but backed off from the cull after public opposition.

Now, they're facing an online petition and a Facebook group called Save the Geese.