Moncton-area residents were treated to a special Canada Day fireworks tribute that was held for the three Codiac RCMP officers, who were killed last month by a gunman.

The tribute was organized by Fireworks FX, a Nova Scotia-based company. 

Andrew Wentzell said he wanted to find a way to honour Const. Dave Ross, ConstFabrice Georges Gevaudan and Const. Douglas James Larche and the entire Moncton community.

"We hope that it brings a little bit of happiness to them," Wentzell said on Canada Day, a few hours before the event.

Wentzell brought three large fireworks, valued at $800 each, in memory of the three fallen officers. Fireworks FX donated the three special fireworks, which were shipped from Spain, for the Canada Day event.

Moncton fireworks

The fireworks began around 10 p.m. on Canada Day and were followed by one minute of silence. (Chris Bacich/Twitter)

"All three of them will be lit and go up towards heaven basically, into the sky, about 1,800 feet in the air, have a gold tail behind them and brilliant, brilliant colours,” he said.

The fireworks began around 10 p.m. and were followed by one minute of silence.

Mike Arsenault, a Moncton resident, said any tribute to the fallen officers is well-deserved.

"Moncton's strong, it just shows that everybody in this town appreciates what they did for us and we'll never forget them ... they deserve anything we can do,” he said.

Sharie Belanger and her family live in the Moncton neighbourhood that was locked down while police searched for the shooter.


Fireworks FX donated the three special fireworks for the Canada Day event. The fireworks were shipped from Spain for the display. (Jessica Doria-Brown/CBC)

This year, she said, Canada Day was one of reflection and remembrance for her family.

"It is a little more special, in light of the events that happened ... the city coming together like it did and those that have fallen for saving the lives of anybody else that could have been potentially been at risk," she said.

"We were right in the area where it happened so it hit really close to home."