An environmental group is worried about the bird population on Campobello Island if a proposal for a wind turbine goes ahead.

World Council for Nature wrote a letter to the Environment and Local Government Minister Bruce Fitch warning birds, such as bald eagles who use the nearby Roosevelt Campobello International Park as a breeding ground, are at risk of flying into the turbine.

The international organization said up to 1,000 birds could be killed per year if the 50-metre turbine tower is built.

"Placing wind turbines within its perimeter is tantamount to putting land mines in a school yard," said the letter.

Roosevelt Campobello International Park

Vanessa Bass, founder of the Friend's of the Tantramar Marsh group, said she is also concerned about the water birds.

She has spoken out against similar wind turbine projects near Sackville.

"Where it's in a flight way, like here on the Tantramar or on Campobello Island, and birds will be definitely damaged," she said.

However, the organization behind the wind turbines said the bird fear is outdated.

"The incidents of wind turbines killing birds right now is much lower than the incidents of your house cat killing birds or buildings killing birds," said Brian Kuhn, spokesman for Associated Wind Developers.

Kuhn said the turbine's propellers move too slowly for birds to crash into them.

The tower would serve New Brunswick and last for about 25 years, said Campobello Mayor Stephen Smart.

If the project gets all the necessary approvals, Kuhn said construction on the turbine could begin next spring.