The mayor of Campbellton says he wants to meet with the other mayors in New Brunswick's north and the head of Maritime Bus to discuss how to promote the bus service for travel and shipping parcels.

A pilot project to provide bus service in the north is losing money because there aren't enough passengers or parcels on the route, said Maritime Bus.

Mayor Bruce MacIntosh said there's no way his community can subsidize the service.

Bruce MacIntosh

Mayor of Campbellton Bruce MacIntosh says Maritime Bus service might pick up when Via Rail changes its schedule in the new year. (CBC)

"We're not in that position. And everyone understands that the north has taken a severe pounding with our economy, with the forestry sector," he said.

"When you lose $75 to $80 million in last four years and a few thousand jobs in an area with 20,000 some people, it certainly hurts."

MacIntosh said things may pick up in the new year for Maritime Bus as Via Rail is cutting back and it will take an extra 30 minutes to get from Campbellton to Moncton by train.

"They're going to change their schedule around quite a bit, so maybe that will add to people getting on the bus and instead of trying to make connections with train service from here to Moncton," said MacIntosh.

The bus service is essential for many patients who travel to Moncton for cancer treatment, said MacIntosh.