Four New Brunswick roads have made the Canadian Automobile Association's list of the worst roads in Atlantic Canada so far.

Motorists have voted for Rothesay Avenue in Saint John, Hanwell Road in Fredericton, Route 122 in Skiff Lane and Fredericton Road near Salisbury as being among the worst stretches of pavement.

Holly McNeil, who owns a convenience story in Salisbury, says she understands why Fredericton Road is on the list.

"It doesn't surprise me," said McNeil. Orange pylons mark a stretch of the road, where pieces of the shoulder are cracked and soft, or completely gone.

"They fixed it last year, or the year before I think, but only fixed it half way, like half the road," she said. "Why not just do the whole thing, or the whole section?"

McNeil contends Fredericton Road "should most definitely win" the CAA contest, but believes it could be improved by simply extending the sidewalk.

"I know I run up there and bike every now and then and there's huge holes, even in the side of the road," she said. "It's not safe for walking."

The idea behind the CAA contest is to give people a platform and to get the attention of governments, said vice-president of marketing and communications Gary Howard.

"We let them know in advance, give them weekly updates, we talk to them afterwards just to see 'OK, this road ended up on the top 10, what have you done?'"

People can vote online, he said. They have until May 31 to cast their votes.