Maritime Bus is getting ready to launch a pilot project to provide bus service to the northern part of New Brunswick.

Owner Mike Cassidy said he's working on a morning run from Campbellton to Moncton with a return trip in the afternoon.

Cassidy said that would give passengers a chance to catch connecting buses to Nova Scotia and other parts of New Brunswick.

"The pilot project we would launch sometime in May. Our goal would be to have 20 passenger fares each way somewhere between Moncton and Campbellton and 20 passenger fares somewhere between Campbellton and Moncton each and every day and maybe 15 or 20 parcels.  That would prove to us...there is a need and residents and community members want to use us," he said.

Campbellton Mayor Bruce MacIntosh said people in his region need a transportation link to other parts of the Maritimes.