RCMP in New Brunswick say slippery roads were likely the cause of a bus crash early Saturday morning between Ste. Anne and Bouctouche.

Police said a passenger bus carrying about 20 players from a Cap-Pelé senior men's hockey team was driving southbound on Highway 11 near Ste.-Anne when the driver lost control of the bus around 2:30 a.m.

Several first responders were called to the scene.

"We had approximately a dozen people in the bus who were injured, all non-life threatening injuries. Injuries such as cuts, bruises a few broken bones... things of that nature. The majority of people were taken to Ste. Anne's hospital where they were treated. The majority were released. There are a few still remaining in hospital," said RCMP Sgt. Jeff Johnston.


The Cap Pele Pecheur senior men's hockey team is recovering (CBC)

The team was on its way back from a game in Lamèque when the accident happened.

"Don't forget in senior hockey we're dealing with not only university grads who are working... these are full-time working people with families in some cases young children. Everything," said Roger Brun, president of the North East Senior Hockey League.

Johnston said the road was icy at the time of the crash.

Police are continuing their investigation.