Bursaries created to help children of slain Mounties

Financial assistance continues to pour in for the families of three RCMP officers who were killed in the line of duty two weeks ago in Moncton.

St. Malachy's Memorial High School is creating a bursary to help children of Const. Douglas Larche

The University of Moncton and St. Malachy's Memorial High School each announced bursaries on Tuesday to help the families of the three Mounties, who were killed two weeks ago in Moncton. (The Canadian Press)

Financial assistance continues to pour in for the families of three RCMP officers who were killed in the line of duty two weeks ago in Moncton.

The University of Moncton announced on Tuesday that bursaries are being set up for the children of Fabrice Gevaudan, Douglas Larche and Dave Ross,

Raymond Théberge, the university’s president, said the children will receive up to $12,500 for their undergraduate degree if they decide to attend the University of Moncton.

Théberge said the university wanted to do something to underscore the courage shown by the officers.

“The tragedy that took place in Moncton has left a lasting impact on the community as a whole. These men gave their lives to protect the members of our university community, our friends and our neighbours,” said Théberge.

The families will be given details of the bursaries in the coming weeks, according to the university.

About 7,000 runners gathered in Moncton on Sunday in memory of three slain RCMP officers. The participants raised more than $100,000, which will be donated to the officers' families. (Matt Bingley/CBC)

Larche had three daughters, aged 9, 8 and 4. Ross had a 19-month-old child and he and his wife were expecting another baby. Gevaudan had a step-daughter.

Another New Brunswick school is raising money that will be used to help the family of one of the slain Mounties and to keep his memory alive.

Alumni from St. Malachy's Memorial High School have started a campaign to honour the memory of Larche, who graduated from the Saint John school in 1992.

Nathan Davis, a former classmate of Larche and the chairperson of the organizing committee, said the group is hoping to raise $30,000 in the first year and to continue contributing each year to the bursary.

"My vision for this bursary is to give financial assistance to a St. Malachy's High School graduate that is pursuing a degree or a career in law enforcement through a post-secondary education [institution]," Davis said.

"Also when Nadine's children graduate from high school, if they choose to pursue a post-secondary education in any field, we'd like to make sure they are assisted as well."

He said he hopes the bursary will be a way for future St. Malachy's students to always remember Larche.

There has been an outpouring of support for the families of the three constables since their deaths.

The Moncton Running Room held the "3KM for 3 Fathers" run on Sunday. Roughly 7,000 people participated in the event and it raised more than $100,000 that will be divided equally among the families. The largest run was in Moncton, but "virtual races" were held from Brazil to Australia.

The RCMP has established the Moncton Fallen RCMP Members Fund. Donations are being accepted through the official fund website.

There's also a texting campaign, where people can text "Moncton" to the numbers 45678 and confirm a donation of $20. 

There have been other tributes to the Mounties. The Sistema music program will hold a free concert on Monday night in Moncton dedicated to the three fallen RCMP officers and their families. Codiac RCMP Supt. Marlene Snowman will take part in the concert, which is dedicated to the officers.