Rogersville Mayor Pierrette Robichaud says the new fire station will be larger. (CBC)

Construction of a new fire station and village office in Rogersville could begin by the end of next month, according to Mayor Pierrette Robichaud.

The village lost its fire hall, municipal office and RCMP office in a devastating fire on Jan. 9.

No one was injured, but the one-storey building and all of its contents were destroyed, including three of the five fire trucks.

Insurance won’t cover everything, said Robichaud, who met with council, insurance advisors and construction companies Thursday night.

"We know it's going to cost more than what we had in insurance but that's why we're not rushing into any decision right now," the mayor said.

"We want to look at every option, every parcel of land that maybe we can buy, which one is going to need less work on, which one is going to cost less."

The fire hall also needs to be expanded, said Robichaud.

"We know the village office and everything is going to stay about the same size but the fire hall, I mean we have to upgrade. So it was to discuss all these additional things that we have to add."

Meanwhile, the community has started raising funds to purchase a new fire truck, which will cost about $300,000.

Insurance will only cover one of the three fire trucks lost in the blaze.

The value of the three trucks and other equipment has been estimated at $1 million.

Until it is back on its feet, Rogersville has borrowed fire trucks from Miramichi and Oromocto.