École Sainte-Anne in Fredericton suffered some water damage over the weekend after a pipe burst in the lower level of the building.

A fire alarm in the building went off around 2:15 p.m. on Saturday and fire crews responding to the call discovered water in four or five classroom and a small auditorium.

Ecole Sainte-Anne

"A one-and-a-half inch steel pipe had broken, so if you can imagine that's under pressure from the fire sprinkler system itself, and they had fire sprinklers too going, so the sprinkler head will put out 90 litres per minute water flow," said Platoon Capt. Steven Fraser.

"So there was a fair amount of water coming out at once but we were able to shut it down pretty quickly."

Fraser says the provincial electrical inspector examined the affected area but did not find any electrical issues.

However, Fraser says electricians were investigating the possibility of a heater failing near the water pipe, resulting in the pipe freezing.

Fraser was unable to estimate how much damage was caused by the leak.

Pumps and squeegees were used to remove much of the water from the flooded areas.