Liberal Leader Brian Gallant has unveiled part of his party’s economic platform and is planning to make job creation a priority.

For starters, Gallant is promising to get rid of Invest New Brunswick and replace it with a new Crown Corporation called Opportunities New Brunswick which would operate independently from government.

The Liberal leader is also proposing another job-creation agency that he would chair. It would be made up of crown corporations, ministers and a minimum of one staff liaison per department.

“This will allow people, entrepreneurs, that have ideas on how to create jobs the ability to go directly to the department,” said Gallant. “And that's important because right now people unfortunately have to meet with two, three, several people within government to get support and help their ideas flourish.”

Political scientist Mario Levesque says while job creation is important for the province’s future, it is only one part of the equation.

“How is your party going to balance budget?” he asked. “What cuts are you going to put in place to get the budget balanced? Right now, my concern is that no one from any of the political parties is talking about this, it's kind of like the elephant in the room. Nobody wants to talk about it.”

Gallant wouldn't say how many jobs would be created as a result of the party's job-creation plan or how much the changes would cost. He says those details will come in the next few weeks when he releases his full platform.

The provincial election is taking place in six weeks.