A nine-year-old New Brunswick boy is being hailed as a hero for saving his mom's life after she choked on a piece of pear.

Hudson McIntyre performed the Heimlich manoeuvre on his mother, Tamzen McIntryre, at their Quispamsis home on Wednesday.

Tamzen McIntyre said the bite of pear became stuck in her throat, and she started banging on the cupboard to get the attention of her son, who was in the next room.

"I'm pounding on my chest and all of a sudden he came behind me grabbed me and he started pushing —and then it didn't work," she said Thursday.

"He just stood there looking at me, and then he grabbed me again, and then a big piece of the pear popped out of my mouth."

When the mother caught her breath, she told her son that he had saved her life.

"I was just kind of amazed myself, so I just kept praising him and telling him he was my hero," the proud mom said.

Where did Hudson learn the Heimlich manoeuvre? From an appointment book his dad gave him. The boy said he noticed the procedure in the book and learned it on his own.

Hudson seemed to take the whole nerve-racking episode in his stride.

"Feels pretty good. She might have died," he modestly said of his heroics.

The family herowas treated with a trip to McDonald's.

Saint John Telegraph Journal