A Carleton County boy and his horse have both overcome serious injuries to win a high-level international barrel racing event.

Ryson Doucette

Ryson Doucette of Lakeville, N.B. overcame serious injuries to compete and win with his horse Gangster at a prestigious horse show in the U.S. (CBC)

Ryson Doucette, 13, of Lakeville, was badly injured in July 2012 when a horse spun and kicked him hard, throwing him about six metres.

Doucette spent several days in intensive care with swelling around his heart and a severe laceration of the liver.

Soon after Doucette's injury, his horse Gangster got a cut on his leg that required 26 stitches. Later, it was discovered he had two cysts that affected his breathing.

Both spent several weeks recovering.

And last week the pair won the novice youth pole bending competition at the prestigious All-American Quarter Horse Congress in Ohio. It was their their fastest time ever.

Doucette and Gangster also placed in the top 10 in the under-18 barrel racing.