Boy finds grenade on Saint John's Mispec Beach

Police brought in the bomb squad after a boy found an old grenade at Mispec Beach in east Saint John.

Police call in bomb squad in East Saint John

Police brought in a bomb squad from CFB Gagetown after a 12 year old boy found an old grenade at Mispec Beach in east Saint John.

"The team has since returned to Base Gagetown. They recovered one No. 36 hand grenade," said Stéphanie Duchesne, a public affairs officer with CFB Gagetown.

This type of grenade was widely used during the Second World War.

She did not have any information about whether the grenade was live or if there was any danger of it going off, but said the base usually gets about 25 calls per year from police forces to assist with grenades.

Duchesne said that if people come across a grenade, they should not touch it.

"Call your police force first and then they'll assess the situation and then contact Base Gagetown for our technicians if required," she said.

Brian Harris is with the Mispec Beach Recreation Committee and this is the first time he's ever heard of anything like this happening.

Harris has lived in the area since 1947. He said he's shocked by the news, but not worried.

Mispec beach is a former naval recreational site. The military used the beach in some variations until the 1970s.