Residents in Bonny River, New Brunswick, are keeping a nervous eye on water levels in the region, remembering the devastating floods that followed record rains in the southwestern part of the province in 2010.

Water was racing through both St. George dams on Sunday morning. Dam owner J.D. Irving assured the public in a phone message that every spillway that could be open, was.

"The conditions at the plant are as follows: Tainter gate is fully open and also 20 stop logs removed," the message said.

But for much of the weekend water filled local rivers faster than it could leave.


Water was racing through both St. George Dams on Sunday morning. (CBC)

"I came out and checked around midnight and it was eight inches from the shoulder of the road then," said Jason Green.

He lives in Bonny River and watched levels rise over much of the weekend, following torrential rains on Friday.  

The river stopped just short of cutting off Route 770 in front of Green's home. Since Charlotte County has broken rainfall records twice in three years, Green is worried flooding may be the new normal.

"When we get rainstorms now they're more severe — heavier rain and lots of wind with it — so the weather and climate has changed quite a bit," he said.