Bonnell's defence goes on attack at murder trial

The defence has gone on the attack at Curtis Bonnell's first degree murder trial in Miramichi.

Gilles Lemieux hammering lead RCMP investigator about evidence

Defence lawyer Gilles Lemieux repeatedly asked what evidence police had linking Curtis Bonnell to Hilary's disappearance. (CBC)

Curtis Bonnell's defence lawyer is expected to continue to grill the lead police investigator in the death of Hillary Bonnell when the murder trial resumes on Wednesday.

Gilles Lemieux peppered RCMP Sgt. Greg Lupson with questions on Tuesday about what evidence police had early on to link Bonnell with Hilary's disappearance on Sept. 5, 2009.

Bonnell, 32, of the Esgenoopetitj First Nation, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Hilary, his 16-year-old first cousin.

The Crown alleges Bonnell picked up Hilary the day she went missing, as she was walking along Micmac Road in the province's northeastern community after a party.

Bonnell is accused of holding Hilary against her will, sexually assaulting her and killing her.

Lemieux repeatedly asked Lupson why police focused on Bonnell before they even had a crime scene or Hilary's body.

Hilary Bonnell disappeared from her northern New Brunswick community in September 2009. (RCMP)

Videotape surveillance from the 4D convenience store showed Bonnell and Hilary there just minutes apart.

But Lemieux questioned what evidence suggested they were ever together when the video shows them leaving in opposite directions — Hilary toward Micmac Road and Bonnell toward Highway 11.

Lemieux appeared frustrated by the officer's answers. Lupson eventually requested a break to review his notes, saying it was a complicated investigation.

Lupson later told the jury there was a bloody envelope in Bonnell's vehicle. There was also a hair found in the trunk, but test results to determine who it belonged to were inconclusive, he said.

Police also had statements made by Bonnell family members, which were submitted to an expert for review, said Lupson. Those statements appeared to have some deception in them, he said.

 The trial started on Sept. 17 and is scheduled to last up to eight weeks.