The water in Saint John's north end has been deemed safe to consume after two samples came back clean.

A boil water order in Saint John's north end has been lifted, city officials say.

The boil order was put in place on Tuesday, after a large water main break along University Avenue, near the Gorman Arena.

About 1,400 customers were affected, but that did not include those at the University of New Brunswick Saint John campus or the Saint John Regional Hospital.

The order was lifted early Thursday evening, after a second water test came back showing no contamination. The water is now safe to consume.

"If you have been home over the past few days, you have run the water in the house for washing and other things. You need to do nothing else, since in using the water you have effectively flushed out old water and brought fresher water into your plumbing," the city said in a statement.

Anyone who hasn't been using their water for the past few days should run their taps for a few minutes to remove any water that has been sitting in the pipes and draw in cleaner, fresher water, the city said.

Two consecutive clean bacteriological tests, collected a minimum of 24 hours apart, are necessary before a boil water order can be rescinded.