Body found by Fredericton High students in Odell Park

The Fredericton Police are investigating the discovery of a body in the city’s Odell Park.

Police spokesperson says it appears remains have been in place for quite some time

Fredericton Police Insp. Martin Gaudet updates reporters on the status of an investigation into a body that was found in Odell Park on Monday. 3:22

The Fredericton Police are investigating the discovery of a body in the city’s Odell Park, but have not been able to confirm many details about the case.

The grisly discovery was made by outdoor pursuits students from Fredericton High School, principal Shane Thomas confirmed.

Thomas wouldn't say how many students were in the class, but said counselling services were available at the school throughout the day Monday. He also said the parents have been notified and further counselling has been offered. 

Insp. Martin Gaudet told reporters on Monday the body was found down an embankment, which he estimated was a 15-minute walk from the entrance to the park.

Gaudet would not confirm the identity or gender of the body, and said it is too early to tell exactly how long the remains have been in the park.

However, he said the body had been in the woods for quite some time.

It is also too early in the investigation to tell if any foul play was involved, according to Gaudet.

Gaudet said the Fredericton Police Force has two open missing person cases, but he could not link those cases to the body that was found on Monday.

The Fredericton Police confirmed a body has been found in Odell Park. (CBC)
"We have two outstanding missing persons files right now. Once we confirm the identity, hopefully that will shed some light on this, but we're not there yet," he said.

Gaudet said a person called the police on Monday morning to inform them of the remains.

A coroner has been at the park for several hours. The police and other officials are using an off-road vehicle to travel to the area where the body was found.

Gaudet said the park's condition and the location of the body are making it difficult for the police and other agencies to work on the case.

"The fact that we have the fire department here with their Argo [all-terrain vehicle] to transport individuals and equipment into the woods, into the scene, will give you an initial idea of how difficult it's going to be," he said.

"We are finding the climate, the snow, hopefully the weather will hold off. Night is going to arrive here so that's going to give us another set of circumstances."