Blood droplets

A witness said there were still blood droplets on his front stoop come Sunday afternoon. (Jennifer Choi/CBC)

A man is in stable condition in a Moncton hospital Sunday morning after he was stabbed in the chest, according to police.

It happened around 2 a.m.

Codiac RCMP discovered the victim when they were called to an altercation on Lutz Street involving a group of people outside of an apartment building.

A second person was also injured. That person was treated and released.

A witness, who didn't want to be named out of fear of retaliation, said it was a bloody scene.

Lutz Street

The stabbing happened around 2 a.m. on Sunday morning on Lutz Street (Jennifer Choi/CBC)

"Blood everywhere, broken glass, a lot of commotion. They had the street blocked off here, they had it taped off with the police line stuff. They were taking a lot of photographs and doing measurements and stuff like that and getting people in the ambulances," he said.

He said he's shaken and fears something will happen again. 

Police are looking for two to three suspects. The cause is under investigation.