Charles LeBlanc pleaded not guilty to a bylaw infraction for riding his bike on a Fredericton sidewalk. (Jacques Poitras/CBC)

Controversial blogger Charles LeBlanc has pleaded not guilty to breaking a Fredericton bylaw for riding his bicycle on a downtown sidewalk.

LeBlanc appeared in Provincial Court in Fredericton on Wednesday on the bylaw infraction.

The well-known blogger allegedly was spotted riding his bike on a sidewalk at the intersection of Regent and King streets on July 9.

Provincial Court Judge Julian Dickson set a new court date for Feb. 29, 2012.

LeBlanc asked that a Crown prosecutor from outside of Fredericton be brought in to oversee the case. The blogger said he's concerned a Fredericton-based prosecutor would be biased against him.

"I'm just concerned that this person would have a private agenda against me to even pursue this case," LeBlanc told reporters outside court Wednesday.

Dickson said LeBlanc could raise his concerns at his next hearing.

The individual who made the complaint that LeBlanc was riding his bike on a sidewalk must be revealed to the blogger.

LeBlanc blames the ticket on Dan Bussieres, the sergeant-at-arms of the New Brunswick legislature. Bussieres banned LeBlanc from the legislature in 2006.

LeBlanc ran into new troubles with the police recently for protesting the bylaw ticket outside of the Fredericton Police headquarters.