A blocked culvert in the southeastern community of Notre-Dame has caused more than $1 million worth of damage to a local road and other infrastructure.

The blocked culvert along Falconer Road forced a small stream to back up to a height of 10 metres. When the blockage finally released, it caused roughly 50 metres of the road to cave in.

Mike LeBlanc, an official with the Emergency Measures Organization, said the resulting flood of dirt and water downstream damaged other culverts.

He said a rail bed with a train trestle over the stream slowed the flow before it arrived at a residential area.

"The important thing is that no one was hurt or killed, which would, of course, been a lot more serious,” he said.

Blocked culvert

A blocked culvert caused this stream to back up to a height of 10 metres over the weekend. (Submitted)

LeBlanc said a lot of work will be required to repair the infrastructure damage, and residents in the area will have to use other roads to access their homes.

On Saturday, the province’s EMO issued a precautionary evacuation order in Notre-Dame because of the blocked culvert.

Water had built up more than a kilometre behind Falconer Road when more than 50 people were asked to leave their homes.